Leasing & Buying Services

Commercial real estate can be a difficult business, especially for the uninitiated. For many business owners and managers, haggling with developers and contractors; holding management companies accountable; and negotiating with the endless array of lawyers, agents and brokers who are involved in a commercial real estate transactions can be a time-consuming, frustrating endeavor that detracts from running their day-to-day operations.

That’s why many successful companies in North America increasingly are partnering with Integrated Real Estate Solutions, Inc. to outsource their commercial real estate needs – and keeping ahead of the competition.

We closely align your real estate goals with your company’s overall business strategy, identifying the smartest approach to meeting your objectives. Each step of the way, we work directly with the key decision-makers on your team, and advocate on your behalf with developers, landlords, management companies, brokers and consultants.

Throughout the process, our fiduciary responsibility remains with you. We also clearly communicate your interests to the appropriate stakeholders, and provide you with the definitive guidance necessary to make the best decision that benefits your business.

Consulting Services

Integrated Real Estate Solutions, Inc. also provides fixed-fee commercial real estate consulting services to companies. These arrangements include the delivery of in-depth market research, surveys, facility specifications and requirements analysis, and other strategic and financial capabilities.

Our team has decades of experience developing and implementing successful commercial real estate strategies for companies across numerous industries, including manufacturing, distribution, professional services and health care.